South Africa: The Story of African Safari

Acicia tree sunrise

gepard on safariJungle is always my favorite destination. I love the thrill, mysteries, darkness and surprises of jungle. That’s why; I am attracted to the Savanna Safari of Africa again and again. Till date, I have visited this great country over five times to explore the natural, cultural and historical resources. My extensive experience of touring in Africa has given me a confidence to guide you on the African safari. You will get the unique combination of ancient villages and cosmopolitan cities in this country.

Tourist Attractions: Game watching is the most attractive part of African Safari. The Savanna is the residence of lions, cheetah, leopard, white rhino, elephants, wildebeast, giraffe, hyenas, impalas, hippopotamus, bison and many other wild animals. The best place for wild life safari is Kruger National Park. Whenever I visit this place the childhood memories of movies such as Born Free, Hatari and many other wild life movies seem to come out from the screen right in front of me. giraffes on safariWild life safari is not only about game watching, it is the place where you can encounter the ancient Mother Nature under the canopy of blue sky and giant baobab trees.

You can experience the best land based whale watching to gain a memory of life time. I could not forget the moment when I had eye contact with this sea giant. There are various places where you can watch this enormous creatures like Garden Route, Wild Coast, Cape South Coast and many other places. But my suggestion is to prefer Hermanus, the whale watching capital of South Africa. Once we hired a whale watching board to get a closer view of the largest animal of the world.

Acicia tree sunriseApart from wildlife, another point of attraction is the scenic beauty of South Africa. You should not miss a visit to Cape Town which is famous for the natural beauty, picturesque beaches, magnificent table mountain and many other things. South Africa is the heaven for food lovers. The world famous wines that truly mesmerize your senses are found at the Cape Wine route. You can enjoy world class cuisine amidst the green valleys smeared with an essence of history.

If you want to feel the heart beat of South Africa, then Johannesburg must be in your list of destinations. This ‘City of Gold’ offers a vast range of shopping experiences, variety of cuisines, adventures tour and endless entertainment. Along with that, there are some other places like Durban Beachfront, Robben Island, Soweto, Blyde River Canyon Natural Reserve, which I suggest; you must include in your travel schedule.

How to Get There: South Africa has 3 national airports along with 53 border safari in kenyaposts. Travelling from any part of the world to South Africa is quite convenient and easy. Apart from that, this country has eight ports in which two are international.

Best Time to Travel: As a frequent traveler to South Africa, I told you that this country has different beauties in different seasons. For game watching, the best part of the year is July to September and to enjoy the exquisiteness of flora and fauna, August and September are the best time. For adventurous sports, summer is the best season.


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Best Points to Visit at the British Museum

Dedicated to conserving historical artifacts and restoring the prestigious honor of cultural art, British Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in London. Pay a visit to this museum that houses national antiquities and a library fabricated within the same building.

If you’ve recently reached London then the first place to visit should be the British Museum which will require an entire day if you want to check out the different departments thoroughly. For students who are art lovers and historians British Museum is the perfect setting that offers a peek inside permanent collection of historical relics that originate from all around the world, differing on the basis of civilizations in distinct continents. Find a detailed documentation of human cultural growth from the beginning of time till the present day.

History of British Museum

The historical significance of the British Museum dates back in 1753 when it was established for the first time. Initially the museum housed the collections of physician Sir Hans Sloane after which it started conserving prospective artifacts. It was first opened to the public on 15th January 1759 in Bloomsbury after which it greatly expanded in the next two centuries. The museum is actually a non-departmental body which consists of several sites that offer an unusual peek inside the cultural backgrounds of distinct countries. The founder of the museum was Sir Hans Sloane and it was known as the ‘universal museum’ where a collection of unique antiquities were gathered for the tourists to enjoy and students to inspect.

Notable Works

  • Parthenon Marbles: Also known as the Elgin Marbles you will come across several scriptures and sculptures that originated from the Parthenon age and plenty of other buildings of Athens, like Acropolis. They are significant symbols of the cultural legends of Parthenon that still survive today.
  • Rosetta stone: This is basically a stone tablet which was discovered by the historians of the British Museum which has a significant history with the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses. It is basically a granite stone which was originally found by a French soldier in 1799 at Rashid in Egypt. The importance of the stone isn’t what is written but rather how it has been engraved making it a valuable asset for cryptologists.
  • Lewis Chessmen: This is a must see if you’re visiting the British Museum which is a beautiful collection found 150 years ago of chess pieces from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. One of the prestigious art collectibles, the Lewis Chessmen consists of walrus ivory composed and whale teeth composed items or pawns that symbolize human figures. It is believed that the relic was originally created in the 12th century in Norway across the Scottish Islands which were under the Norwegian territory.

What you’ll find today?

The manuscripts and books have become a part of an independent branch known as the British Library however the museum has become a secular compartment. It preserves its individuality by preserving artifacts collected from around the world that are both modernized and ancient. Originally what was present in 1753 now stacks around thirteen million objects present at the British Museum. The Reading Room that was opened in 1857 and designed exclusively by famous Sydney Smirke has been converted to Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center.

Important Departments of British Museum

  • Comprising of the famous Egyptian Department, you’ll get a close look of the Rosetta Stone at this department. You can also check out other artifacts like the Battlefield Palette, Granite Statue of Senwosret III and the mummy of Cleopatra from Thebes.
  • Take a step inside the department of Greece & Rome where you can enjoy walking past historical artifacts like the Parthenon Gallery. Temple of Artemis in Ephesus is a known attraction at the British Museum apart from Athena Nike which consists of existing frieze slabs.
  • The departments of Print and Design offer an exclusive peek at the various paintings, scriptures and documents of the various generations where artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and various other artists are celebrated.

Travel to Austin TX

Travel to Austin TX

Austin is a place of large scale cultural rebirth and blooming artistic expression. It is a great place to view live music, motion pictures, and discover new food. The economy has been booming with multiple tech companies coming over to Texas, serving as the state’s answer to Silicon Valley. Austin still retains a little bit of that classic small-town feel, but a quick glance at the downtown areas let you know that a new era is on its way. Austin has also been privileged with the opportunity to host the United States Grand Prix for the year 2014 and onward. Many people from around the world come to Texas when the event rolls around to view the races and life in the extravagant city.

While staying in Austin, finding a hotel isn’t going to be an ordeal, but if you’re looking for history and class, it might be. In the downtown area, there are many high-rise hotel rooms which offer luxury. Many of the low-end hotel options have undergone renovation are now renewed. Any place you stay at in Austin is pretty much going to be fully set up with flat screens, radios, docking stations, and great beds. Of course, public Wi-Fi can be found almost everywhere.

Austin Grand Prix

One of the biggest attractions in Austin has been the yearly held Grand Prix. This event is a great reason to live in extravagant hotels and be treated like a king. The Austin GP has been designated as the host of the American Grand Prix, so it’s a very big deal for the whole nation. Enjoy the races while having VIP privileges by getting yourself an F1 Paddock Club ticket or get access to exclusive viewing suites and A-list parties. The Austin GP attracts celebrities and highly regarded people from all over the world. Whether you are into F1 racing and have a lot of disposable money or not, the Austin Grand Prix is a hub of activity and good times.

Diverse Dining

Perhaps the only thing which trumps the music scene are the restaurants – although they definitely aren’t better than the Austin GP. The restaurant scene is extremely diverse and includes dishes from many cultures. The local cuisine revolves around Mexican, Tex-Mex, and barbeque which is always tasty. Some restaurants combine music with food such as Threadgill’s which often has live music on stage while you eat. If you’re looking for fine dining, the opportunities have exploded recently; the most well-known classy restaurants include Driskill and the Four Seasons.

All the Attractions of Austin

The attractions in Austin are wide ranging, and you can get exactly what you are looking for. If lively restaurants, shops, and pubs are what you want, the Warehouse and Second Street Districts are where you need to be. South Congress offers a variety of great clubs, and stores; it is known for the creative and artistic atmosphere. Many attractions are worth viewing such as the Texas State Capitol which was built in 1888 and features pink granite, Lake Austin, the Blanton Museum of Art, and the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum. Overall, Austin is a laid back city with many opportunities for relaxation, fun, and good eating.

The Best Exotic Travel Destinations

Room View Bora Bora

Beautiful France  If you are looking to for the top exotic travel destinations, you have come to the right place! When it comes to going on vacation, the first thing you need to realize is that there is no such thing as “the perfect” vacation spot. However, I think we can all agree that exotic locations are usually the best! I have been to a few exotic locations in my lifetime and every time I come back with some of the best memories I have ever had. I know many of you are wondering what the best exotic travel destinations are. Below I will offer you my list of the top 4 exotic travel destinations. I tried to put them order of worst to best, but the truth is I couldn’t, you really can’t go wrong with any of them! If you would like to see more awesome destinations and follow my journeys come to my travel blog at


If you have never been to France, you need to go! My first time going I had experiences I have never even dreamed of. If you are planning on traveling with your partner, this is one of the best places to go. There are very few places that are more romantic than France. It really doesn’t matter where you stay in France, you will wake up every morning with an incredible view, you will try some of the best food you have ever had in your life, and you will have an overall incredible experience.
When you visit France you need to go to Arles. This is one of the oldest cities in France and it has some beautiful Roman architecture including the Roman Amphitheater. To this day the Roman Amphitheater is still being used for things such as bullfights and festivals. You can also visit Biarritz which is another city in France. This city is known for its extremely luxurious seaside resorts and beautiful beaches.

Words cannot express how beautiful the Room View Bora BoraBora-Bora Islands are. Close your eyes right now and try to imagine the perfect island, got it? Well, I can almost guarantee you the Bora-Bora Islands are more beautiful than what you are imagining right now. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, going to the Bora-Bora Islands is a must.
When you go to Bora-Bora, you can go on a jeep tour (that’s what I did) and this will allow you to really get the full experience. They will bring you through some of the trails on the Island and show you some of the most breathtaking views you have ever seen. You will also get to see some of the World War 2 ruins which I found extremely interesting


I know many of you have probably already gone to Hawaii, especially if you like to travel. However, if you have yet to visit this incredibly fun place you need to make it your next vacation stop! Hawaii is by far the most popular place for honeymooners for a reason. It is the perfect combination of fun, romantic, and beautiful. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, you name it you can probably do it!
When I wen to Hawaii the first thing I remember is the fact that the weather was perfect every single day! Hawaii also has an incredible nightlife to offer you that no other vacation spot can provide. You will be able to go to dance parties, tropical cocktails, and international acts. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush Hawaii can provide that as well! When was the last time you had a day full of scuba diving, mountain biking, surfing, and zip lining? That is exactly what Hawaii can provide.


Landing in FijiThese islands consist of over 300 islands right between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for a place that offers a romantic getaway plus complete seclusion, Fiji is your best option. When I went to Fiji there are two things that really stood out to me. The first thing was the fact that the water was crystal clear! I thought you can’t get clearer water than Hawaii, but I was wrong! The second thing that really stood out to me was some of the animals I saw. I remember taking a tour in Fiji and the driver stopped right in the middle of the jungle and allowed us to get out. Exploring the jungle was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had in my life. I saw so many exotic birds and beautiful waterfalls, I will never forget it!
Fiji is also known for their hot springs and mud pools. I didn’t know this before I went but our tour guide told us we can all jump in the pool of mud of we want. At first I thought he was joking but then a few people actually did it so I followed them right in! If you haven’t taken a dip in a mud pool, it is something you need to experience! The thing I will never forget is waking up every morning to watch the sunrise. I have seen a lot of sunrises in my life, but you will never see a sunrise like you do you Fiji. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful sunrises you will ever see in your life.
If you are looking for exotic travel destinations, I highly recommend you go to one of those four places I mentioned above, you will have the time of your life!

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Rio De Janeiro

Fiji Beach  Marriage is the social union of two persons and honeymoon makes union of two souls. Every married couple desires to spend their share time together especially in the honeymoon. If this togetherness gets the right touch of nature and pleasure, one is sure to find heaven on earth. In our beautiful world one can coin a number of exotic destinations as best honeymoon destinations. One can spend their share of love and time to return back as a united soul.

There are endless options for best honeymoon destinations. Fiji, in Melanesia, portrays an exotic beauty. It’s a combination of 320 islands. One can pamper himself/herself or his/her partner in luxurious hotels or have the nature pamper them in long, lovely beach. Koh Samui in Thailand, Mauritius on Indian ocean, The Bahamas also give exotic beaches, health resorts, crystal clear water reflecting the sky color and sunrises to die for. Bora-Bora in Tahiti displays a perfect blend of crystal clear water, natural beauty and luxurious water apartments. Santoroni in Greece displays Rio De Janeiroextraordinary sunsets. The city also displays architectural marvels. Rio De Janeiro in Brazil displays a perfect mix of nature’s beauties. Surely one is mesmerized with the beautiful beaches, forests full of colorful birds and a lot more than one can expect. One can witness the Olympic or world cups as well as incredible colorful carnivals. Rome in Italy has museum, fountains, architectural remains, food and history that lead to a completely mind-blowing experience. Venice is another city in Italy. The city is completely built on water. One would indeed enjoy a ride on a gondola with his/her partner and share the love and passion in Italian air. When it comes to best honeymoon destinations Paris displays high perfection. Its romantic bridges, food, culture is attractive in every respect.

Koh SamuiOne should always search for newer destinations. One cannot reach the best exotic locations only from the comfort of their homes. They should gear up, search, discuss and make sure to find the perfect place, completely depending on his/her choice. The best honeymoon destinations vary in a huge range depending upon the priorities. Someone like the exotic nature and secluded beaches, others might end up liking architectural wonders or sailing on the slow romantic gondolas. One can also choose to make a lifetime experience of lively colorful Brazilian carnivals. There are millions of beautiful locations scattered throughout the world. It’s completely dependent on one to choose from the most preferred locations or share the limitless love in some unexplored destination. For more exotic destinations and a breath of fresh air check out