A Guide to travelling from Heathrow Airport


My recent experience at Heathrow Airport prior to my flight home was indelibly etched in my mind as I flash back with nostalgia. It is a moment I still look forward to with tremendous expectation in the earliest possible opportunity in my next trip to Europe. Having arrived at the airport exhausted I felt it wise to have a rest then travel the following day. So I opted to make reservation at Crowne Plaza Hotel two miles away from Heathrow Airport.

After sorting everything out at the airport, I boarded one of the BAA Hotel Hoppa Buses and within 15 minutes we had reached the hotel. I learned they have an elaborate car parking that is convenient for travelers and safe for their cars, charging a very reasonable self parking fee. The ultra-modern architecture and intricately designed exterior eludes to an ambiance and serenity of perfect tranquility. What was so nice was the very fact that it is convenient, comfortable and their very hospitable staff. As we stepped onto the hotel lobby the staff were well prepared to meet our needs. All the travel information for every client was there so I had nothing to be worried about. I thought if only I could extend my stay there a little longer – a couple of days at least.

Swimming pool.Being a fitness enthusiast, I explored the available facilities. They boast of an on-site fitness center with a variety of modern fitness facilities such as a state-of-the-art gym complete with equipment that can work out nearly every part of your body, an indoor 16-meter swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. The on-site fitness center is open to all guests free of charge. Equipment available includes a rowing machine, stationary bicycle, treadmill, and stair stepper. The heated pool is open from 5:30 am up to 11:00 pm. The pool consists of a whirlpool also operational the same time as the on-site pool, and there is always a lifeguard on duty, just in case of emergency. Their on-site spa has amazing facilities located within the Spirit Healthclub such as indoor pool, jacuzzi and steam room together with a fitness room that is fully equipped. The opening hours are the same as on-site pool except that it closes quarter of an hour before the pool does.

The notable spa services on offer include hydro therapy and sauna. They also have a wonderful onsite golf course with 9 holes, an excellent location for practicing putting or bettering your shorting game. The off-site golf course also comprises of a 9 hole course perfect for practicing putting and perfecting shorting game. Also available are: putting green, Heathpark Golf Course, driving range, and Stockley Park Golf Course situated 2 miles away along Stockley Road. Other fantastic sports include: badminton, basketball, billiards, bowling, cycling, cricket, indoor and outdoor ice skating, outdoor roller skating, outdoor tennis courts, soccer, squash and swimming. Their superb internet connection is also wonderful. They have both wired and wireless internet available in rooms, suites, business center and public areas. On top of that there is also standard wired internet services which is free for all IHG Rewards Club members.  All in all it was a nice little vacation in and of itself.

Some Of The Best Drives In The World

Pacific coast drive

I have since come to terms with the fact that sometimes, the best adventures of the world are had by taking a car and driving away into new or foreign land. The anticipation that builds up to know what lies beyond during these drives cannot be satiated by looking through some tinted tour bus. Even if we have to fly to some of these cities to access these drives, DriveNow car hire always got our backs. Here are some of the drives I would readily recommend to have the best scenic views to take a car and drive to unwind.

Pacific coast drivePacific Coast Cruise in California

The Californian pacific coast stretches to a length of 169 miles from Monterey to Morro Bay. This was voted to be among the top ten best drives in America by members of the USAA insurance. The drive along this coastal scenery serves a lot of adventure from the redwood trees, rolling hills, amazing waterfalls, lush valleys, majestic mountains and rock outcroppings. In addition to that, the sea provides a variety of wildlife types such as the whales, sea sharks, brown pelicans and other species that are nothing but breathtaking. There are also many activities to pull over and indulge in during the long drive.

The silk road in China

It is also commonly known as the national highway 315 and it stretches over 1,700 miles. Despite the long distances, the road is totally worth the trouble. The road is hustle and bustle free and provides you with national vegetation scenes and a carpet of hills. It also provides a perfect link between the west and the east. A stay in Urumqi crowns the drive on the national highway 315.

The overseas highways, Florida Keys

This highway was built in 1938 from the course of the hurricane destroyed railroad. It comprises of forty two bridges that join islands to islands. The road is majorly over the ocean and driving through it gives the breathtaking ocean view. Viewing the sunsets and the sunrises from this drive is just priceless.

Iroha-zaka in Japan

This is a winding road that connects the central Nikko to the Oku-Nikko. It is constructed to have 48 curves each of which stands an ancient alphabet by the Japanese. The alphabet that starts in the order of I-ro-ha explains where the road gets its name the iroha-zaka. The road is a dual carriage, one climbing up and the other down. The ancient Japanese alphabet had 48 letters hence the 48 corners in the road.

The col de Turini in France

In the southern parts of France at 1 mile above sea level on the Alps lays the Col de Turini pass. Yearly, the Monte Carlo rally in the world rally championship takes 20 miles of this road combined with hairpins so that the cars can go to speeds of up to 110mph. The scenery is worth driving through again and again.

English: View of the approach road to the top ...

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates

Stretching to 7.3 miles with a total of 60 turns towards the mountain top of 1,219 in height. Driving through this roads ends at the top of the mountain which displays the desert view beneath so beautifully. Driving through the desert has never been more adventurous.

All in all, for the best getaway and unwinding, one that will never escape your mind for the rest of your life, I dare you to take a drive through any of these roads. I promise you will keep coming for more.

Buying an investment property in India

Buying a house in India

India     I recently went to India on vacation and fell so much in love with it that I absolutely had to move there and buy a house. I don’t live there year round but investment properties give you the great option of being able to rent your house out for income when you are out of the country and not using it. This has provided me with a great opportunity to make a little extra money on the side all the while having the option of living in India if I choose to.

I love being able to walk the streets and sample all the local food that India has to offer and the people couldn’t be nicer. Buying this investment house in India really has been a dream come true and has allowed me so much more freedom, economically, than I’ve ever had before. Rent your house in OLX is relatively easy when I’m not using it and the extra money that I receive more than covers the bills that the house creates.

If I’m being honest then I’d have to admit that I was pretty nervous when I first bought the house. Buying a property in a foreign country is always a stressful situation, especially when you aren’t planning on living there full time, but I love India so much that I couldn’t keep myself from taking the plunge and jumping in with both feet.

I know that I’m not the only one who loves India and all that it has to offer. From the great vegetarian foods to some of the most famous sights in the world, India has it all to offer to expats who decide to relocate there. There is a strong expat community that is supportive of one another and really helps make the transition to Indian life not only comfortable and manageable but enjoyable as well.

If I could go back and do it all over again I would. Except this time I wouldn’t have put it off so long and would have bought the investment property so much sooner. There is such a high demand to live in India nowadays that making your money back on an investment property is almost a no brainer. It’s easy to do and fun as well. There’s nothing quite like being able to go on vacation in my favorite spot in the world and then having the peace of mind to know that my property is working for me when I go back home.

Picturesque Skiing in the French Alps


tignesThere is really nothing like skiing in the French Alps. As one of the most picturesque destinations in the world for ski enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, it’s no surprise you can find some of the best ski resorts in the world here. Catering to skiers of all economic backgrounds and experience levels, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re into skiing or snowboarding, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at some of these resorts. Choose your destination for some of the best skiing in the French Alps.


Whenever I go to the French Alps, I love going to Tignes. With over 320km of trails on the mountains, there seems to be no end to the runs you can make. On top of it, the resort boasts one of the highest altitudes, so the view is unparalleled. Keep in mind, some of the trails you’re going to have access to are in the neighboring Val d’Isere. You’re sure not to be disappointed here, because the elevation all but guarantees perfect ski conditions. If you’re a fan of deep powder, this is the choice I would recommend. After a day on the trails, kick back and relax as the mountains form the perfect backdrop for the village.


Courchevel sunriseThis is one of the resorts that have been known in recent history as a great place to spot celebs. While it’s true that you can celebs from time to time, I have, don’t let this be a deterrent. The slopes range in skill level to make it perfect fun for the whole family. The gorgeous views and immaculate snow conditions make it easy to spot why the rich and wealthy are willing to rub shoulders with the rest of us. If you’re looking for a great start to your day, I would recommend going to the Saulire. You will end up at the highest point so you can take your time skiing in the French Alps down a sunny run on your way to Meribel.

Paradiski Area

la-plagneThis includes La Plagne and Les Arcs. I have watched as the popularity of this location has steadily increased in recent history. If you prefer a little more packed powder conditions, you might want to stick to La Plagnes. I prefer the powder, so I tend to spend more time in Les Arc off the beaten path to get as deep as possible in some powder. Remember that if you experience a white out, you might want to head over to Paisey where the trees will give you more of a sense of where you’re going. If you can afford it, hiring a guide for Champagny is a great choice. Regardless, you’re going to have fun here.

As you start enjoying more skiing in the French Alps, you’ll make your own discoveries. Talk to the locals to find out what their favorite places to ski are. Remember you will get a slightly different answer from everyone, especially if you talk to a skier and a boarder at the same time. No matter what, be prepared for some beautiful vistas as the backdrop for your skiing. Hey if you would like to plan ahead for the upcoming season, Be sure to check both large holiday companies such as Thomson or specialist Alps ski agents such as Alpine Ski. I find the offers seem to change depending on the time of season, so it pays to plan ahead.

Guide To The Most Scenic Village in Belgium

Crupet Castle

Crupet Village in Belgium is recognized amongst picturesque villages in Europe alongside Pitigliano in Italy and Hallstatt in Austria. Probably, each country in the Old World might boast of several alike places, remote from urban buzz yet lovely and attractive. In addition, Belgian community of Crupet evolved the same way as many other settlements and towns in this country – around medieval fort and, thereby, increasing the population upon following centuries. Reasonably, this community might be added to the list if top of the beaten path villages, created by travel portal Belgium.net.

Crupet Landmarks

Crupet CastleCrupet Castle is indeed the major travel attraction in the neighborhood. Its completion dates back to the 13th century, when its high tower had overlooked the land. Its design truly reflects all architectural features,peculiar to the Middle Ages times. Specifically, the castle is surrounded by a wide moat, (commonplace defensive measure) and the U-shaped farming household. In 1900 the image of the castle also acquired numerous grottoes, built at the order of local abbot Gerard. They were devoted to Saint Anthony of Padua, one of the famous members of Franciscan Order.


Generally, these grottoes display four scenes from life of the Saint in sculptures. They show Saint Anthony with a miraculous mule, Saint Anthony resisting Devil’s temptations, Saint Anthony’s preaching to the fish and Saint Anthony expiating on deathbed. The legend of each scene is frequently told by local guides, who also feature on the grandest and most impressive statue in the grottoes – 700 kg sculpture of the Devil. By the way, grottoes are decorated with 22 statues in total.


The other fascinating landmark of Crupet is a Devil of Crupetlocal church. It is interesting to know that originally it had been performed in Romanesque style, particularly, in 11-12th centuries, and later its design was totally altered. Consequently, in 15-16th centuries the villagers faced a great Gothic-styled temple.

Getting to Crupet

It is very difficult to get to Crupet by public means of transport. The very reason is that the nearest station, Assesse, is 5 km away and, furthermore, serves to several other villages in the neighborhood. However, travelers eagerly use car rent services in the closest cities and get to Crupet by E411 highway (Brussels – Luxembourg), with Assesse and Crupet on the route. As an example, Crupet is in 25 minutes ride from Namur and in 30 minutes from Dinant.

Where To Stay in Crupet

When speaking about accommodation in Crupet, 4 starLe Moulin Des Ramiers Hotel is the first thing that strikes tourists’ minds. In very deed, it has the finest rooms and discount offers in the area. Besides, the hotel itself might be recognized as a great sightseeing spot, as it is placed in 18th century windmill, oddly equipped with all contemporary advancements – Wi-Fi connection, barbeque spots, modernly-shaped porches, etc. Le Moulin Des Ramiers Hotel is a nice option for both family vacation and customers travelling on their own.

To Sua Ocean Trench Upolu, Samoa

To Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village on the south coast of Upolu, Samoa

To Sua Ocean Trench: An Experience of a Lifetime

To Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village  Upolu, Samoa     So must have listed travelling in as many countries as you can on your bucket list. You might have been to at least one or more countries in each of the seven, or should I say six (unless you’ve been to Antartica), continents in the world but dare I say you still haven’t traveled enough if you haven’t been to Polynesia. The islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean does not belong to any continent. These places are perhaps least popular tourist destinations because not many know that they totally exists. But dare I say, this should be included in one of your top places to see before you die. As a traveler, I’ve seen a lot of places that would make my eyes pop and I could say that To Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village on the south coast of Upolu, Samoa is one of my favorites. To Sua, which means “Gigantic Swimming Hole”, is a 30-meter down from the ground natural swimming hole, it is surrounded with spectacular colorful gardens which is a perfect spot for nature photographers. It is an actual big hole that has a long ladder which you have to use in order to have access on the water, not for the faint of heart but I assure you the ladder is pretty sturdy.

Upon entrance, visitors have to pay a fee ($6-$15) but I can guarantee that it’s well worth it! Aim to go in the morning (it opens at 7 am) to avoid lots of people. Swimming in its crystal clear, cool waters will surely relieve your stress! The water could be deep for some, but even if you’re not that good of a swimmer you could still enjoy the place because there is a rope across the pollTo Sua Ocean Trench in the Lotofaga village  south coast of Upolu, Samoa which you can hang onto and just float. The current is fairly strong since To Sua is a tidal pool, and at certain times of the day apparently you can swim straight to the beach.You may also opt to go diving by jumping off the ladder’s ledge, just what other tourist did, I was just not brave enough to do so, just make sure it’s high tide though. If you like snorkeling, you can do that too! There are tons of species of fish to see in the main pool. Go explore some of the caves as well to get the most out of your experience.If you don’t have much time to spend on your Samoan trip, this place must never, as in never, be missed in your itinerary.

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Antigua: The Diamond of the Caribbean

Antigua Beach

English: Turner Beach, Antigua, West Indies     The beautiful island of Antigua is like a treasure chest, brimming with undiscovered gems and sparkling beauty. Surrounded by warm, turquoise Caribbean waters and covered by tropical rainforest and staggeringly beautiful valleys, Antigua truly is the diamond of the Caribbean. Although less well-known than other renowned Caribbean destinations like Jamaica and Barbados, Antigua has an incredible amount to offer to travelers and holidaymakers, whether you want to immerse yourself in the tranquility of a paradise beach or indulge your adventurous side by exploring the jungle. Here are some of the island’s highlights:

Swim with Stingrays

Board a speed boat and get whisked away to Sting Ray City, where glittering coral reefs are surrounded by enormous sting rays! Swim and snorkel amongst these incredible marine creatures, feeding them and watching them in their natural habitat – it’s a truly wonderful experience that’s perfectly concluded with a fresh rum punch beneath a palm tree!

Soar Above the Tree Tops

The beautiful Caribbean island is covered in dense and tropical rainforest bursting with exotic and colorful wildlife. Hike into the heart of the jungle to increase your chances of spotting some of the diverse wild and plant life. Experience the closest thing to a rainforest theme park on the exhilarating zip line canopy tour, upon which you’ll soar above the tree tops like parrots, crossing rickety wooden bridges and swinging on rope swings. This adrenaline fueled adventure is guaranteed to be a highlight of your holiday in Antigua!

Take to the Beach on Horseback

Picture the scene: galloping across the sandy shore of a paradise beach on horseback as the sun descends into the tranquil ocean. It sounds like a scene only plausible in romantic films, right? Well, think again, this dream can be realized on the wonderful island of Antigua. Explore the lush valleys and sandy beaches on horseback, even taking your horse for a dip in the warm Caribbean waters. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden before, many tour companies on the island also offer lessons so this blissful experience is open to everyone.

Dare to Cross Devils Bridge

Shrouded in dark and violent history, the Devils Bridge is a hauntingly beautiful place to visit. It is rumored that slaves would escape the torment of cruel treatment by throwing themselves into the crashing waves that pound the rocky ledge above, which led to speculation that the Devil presided here. Take care as you walk across the slippery limestone bridge, listening to the roar of the turquoise waves below.

Sample Classic Caribbean Cuisine

The Caribbean is world famous for its soulful and sumptuous cuisine which boasts some of the most exciting flavors in the world. Treat yourself to some refined Caribbean delights at Coconut Grove, where you can stare out onto the pristine white beach while enjoying delicious delicacies such as grilled Rock Lobster or freshly caught calamari. For a hearty and truly authentic taste of the Caribbean, try Caribbean Taste restaurant which serves up tasty and traditional treats.

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Tulip fields  Netherlands We all love travelling to beautiful places. Here, I am going to explain some of the fabulous tulip farms in Netherlands. Netherlands had already gained popularity for its beautiful tulip farms. Beautiful landscape in conjunction with alluring tulips makes this place a heaven on earth. Let me start with the best places in Holland where you can see gorgeous tulip farms.
Do you know the best place in Holland where tulip farms are there? As per my view, Noordoostpolder or North East polder is a finest destination from where you can enjoy the beauty of tulip fields in the Netherlands. Apart from this exotic destination, you can also enjoy the fabulous views of tulip farm from Bollenstreek near Leiden. Reaching this destination is not a difficult task at present.
Today, you can easily reach this destination with the help of a car. I took only half an hour to reach this destination from Amsterdam by car. According to my view, Holland can be described as a suitable place to cultivate tulip plants. Do you know why? Weather condition of this place is dedicated for the growth of beautiful tulip plants. At present, Holland guarantees you an exotic view of tulip farms with an amazing array of plant species.
I have heard that the best time to visit Holland for viewing tulip farm starts from the month of March to the end of May. Holland ensures you a fabulous view of colorful tulips at this time. If you are an ardent lover of tulip farm, never hesitate to reach here during the month of April and May. Why I am highlighting Netherlands for your leisure time? Many among you may ask this question. Exotic landscape is one among the main solutions for this question.
Astounding scenes of beautiful farms in Holland presents a real feast for your eyes. Another beautiful spot which I am highlighting in Holland is Keukenhof in Lisse. Keukenhof in Lisse can provide you a wonderful view of tulip farm. Apart from car, you can also make a train trip to enjoy the beautiful view of tulip farm.
If you wish to see the fabulous scenes of tulip Tulips Netherlandsfarms feel free to enjoy a trip from Amsterdam to Den Helder. You can find here a wonderful view of beautiful tulip farms with yellow, pink and red colored flowers. I will definitely recommend Holland as one among the finest destinations for all in search of tulip farms. Those who wish to see the bulb region can select the location behind North Sea Dunes. Do you wish to see the beautiful garden of tulips on earth? If yes, never hesitate to plan your trip to Netherlands. I guarantees you the most memorable spare time in this beautiful tulip garden.

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Disaster café in Costa Brava, Spain

disaster cafe spain

disaster cafe add I have been to a lot of restaurants all over the world, it has been a habit to check some of the most creative and most original restaurant concepts in the world can offer.

During my travels, I was able to stumble upon the Disaster Café, Costa Brava, Spain. It had an interesting concept.

Most people would like to avoid the feeling of an earthquake, earthquakes of 7.8 magnitude has happened on several places and people would rather forget their memory.

In the Philippines during the 1990s, a lot of people felt the intense pain caused by a strong earthquake; so many stories about hardships have been circulated. The normal reaction for earthquakes is fear, the possibility of death, the inability of a person to control anything at a specific moment in time while the earthquake is happening.

As I stumbled upon the reviews given to Disaster Café, Costa Brava, Spain I could not help but feel curious as to how it would feel like to be in a 7.8 earthquake.

It has never happened to me, and I wanted to take a chance of experiencing it. Aside fromdisaster cafe the fact that I would be traveling to such an amazing location like Spain, the experience would also teach me if I would be able to get hold of myself in times of an emergency.

I instantly added the place to my travel list, and made it a point to go there before the year ended. It turns out that the experience was truly worth it.

While some would think that eating in a restaurant that simulated terrified earthquake is odd, I found the experience to be refreshing.

Most of the people who come there want to experience a glimpse of excitement- almost like an intoxicating feeling of waiting for something terrible to happen. You feel that there is this feeling of unity with the people who go there- all of them want to experience something totally new, all of them want to add something to the amazing list of experiences that they have.

The place is immensely popular, it took me several days before I was finally able to go in, and I understand that this was really something normal for restaurants that had brilliant concepts.

From the outside, you would not think that the place would be able to offer you something new, something real, the place feels really normal. But on the inside a totally different reality is in store for the guests.

The place is kid-friendly with alien-themed restaurants without necessarily sacrificing the interests of adults.

The elevator is almost dreamlike for thrill seekers; it has been inspired by the theme “the depths of the Earth”.

I was seated in a cave- like restaurant and was thoroughly amused when the staffs were all wearing safety equipment.

disaster cafe spainAfter a while the food came in, the dishes are served heavier than normal. The food was thoroughly prepared and looked reality tasty.

While the guests are immersed with the idea of eating, it suddenly happens. A strong jolt occurs, like that of a 7.8 earthquake that shakes everything up in the room.

It felt so real, but what I felt at the moment was the sudden rush. There was fear, and mixed emotions, but the beauty of the experience is being able to think calmly and clearly while a disaster is going on. Everything feels like it’s in slow motion and then guests have weird looks.

You are not able to discern on what the proper emotion should be, and it produces something rare and new in you.

This I feel is what people really like to experience, to live in the moment and to feel the moment as it happens.

The place was really shaken up, but surprisingly no guests are hurt. There are no serious injuries because the place was also well thought out. There are spilled drinks and food, but the heavy dishes will stop the meals from flying off the table.

It was indeed an unforgettable adrenaline rush that I would most certainly recommend to anyone who wants to experience adventures from time to time.

South Africa: The Story of African Safari

Acicia tree sunrise

gepard on safariJungle is always my favorite destination. I love the thrill, mysteries, darkness and surprises of jungle. That’s why; I am attracted to the Savanna Safari of Africa again and again. Till date, I have visited this great country over five times to explore the natural, cultural and historical resources. My extensive experience of touring in Africa has given me a confidence to guide you on the African safari. You will get the unique combination of ancient villages and cosmopolitan cities in this country.

Tourist Attractions: Game watching is the most attractive part of African Safari. The Savanna is the residence of lions, cheetah, leopard, white rhino, elephants, wildebeast, giraffe, hyenas, impalas, hippopotamus, bison and many other wild animals. The best place for wild life safari is Kruger National Park. Whenever I visit this place the childhood memories of movies such as Born Free, Hatari and many other wild life movies seem to come out from the screen right in front of me. giraffes on safariWild life safari is not only about game watching, it is the place where you can encounter the ancient Mother Nature under the canopy of blue sky and giant baobab trees.

You can experience the best land based whale watching to gain a memory of life time. I could not forget the moment when I had eye contact with this sea giant. There are various places where you can watch this enormous creatures like Garden Route, Wild Coast, Cape South Coast and many other places. But my suggestion is to prefer Hermanus, the whale watching capital of South Africa. Once we hired a whale watching board to get a closer view of the largest animal of the world.

Acicia tree sunriseApart from wildlife, another point of attraction is the scenic beauty of South Africa. You should not miss a visit to Cape Town which is famous for the natural beauty, picturesque beaches, magnificent table mountain and many other things. South Africa is the heaven for food lovers. The world famous wines that truly mesmerize your senses are found at the Cape Wine route. You can enjoy world class cuisine amidst the green valleys smeared with an essence of history.

If you want to feel the heart beat of South Africa, then Johannesburg must be in your list of destinations. This ‘City of Gold’ offers a vast range of shopping experiences, variety of cuisines, adventures tour and endless entertainment. Along with that, there are some other places like Durban Beachfront, Robben Island, Soweto, Blyde River Canyon Natural Reserve, which I suggest; you must include in your travel schedule.

How to Get There: South Africa has 3 national airports along with 53 border safari in kenyaposts. Travelling from any part of the world to South Africa is quite convenient and easy. Apart from that, this country has eight ports in which two are international.

Best Time to Travel: As a frequent traveler to South Africa, I told you that this country has different beauties in different seasons. For game watching, the best part of the year is July to September and to enjoy the exquisiteness of flora and fauna, August and September are the best time. For adventurous sports, summer is the best season.


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