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Thrill Me

Romantic Retreats to Take Your Partner to This Winter

Thai Beach

Winter is the perfect time of year to take a romantic break with someone special. Whether you are a snow bunny or prefer soaking up the sun on a beautiful tropical beach, there are plenty of great places to choose from. Here are a few romantic retreat ideas to get you started.

The Alps
Curling up next to a log fire in a cosy chalet in the Alps is a romantic experience that should not be missed. Adrenaline junkies will be able to take part in a wide range of activities during the daytime such as skiing, The Alpssnowboarding and ice skating, while the chilling evenings are ideal for simply unwinding by the fire with a bottle of wine while watching the beautiful scenery through the window.

People who are in search of a traditional Christmas experience are sure to love taking a romantic break in Lapland. Couples can choose to sleep in a domed igloo and wake in the morning to the sight of a real winter wonderland. Spend the day huddled up in a sleigh with your partner as you ride through the valleys and at night you might be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights as they transform the sky with dramatic colours.

Spending a few days in the city of love is the perfect way to beat the winter blues. There are plenty of romantic activities that can be enjoyed in Paris, such as taking a boat trip along the Seine and enjoying an intimate meal in a cosy restaurant. People who arrange car excess cover policy in advance will also be able to spend time exploring the countryside surrounding Paris along the way, perhaps taking the time to sample locally produced wine at one of the area’s enchanting vineyards.

Koh Samet
Those who prefer to leave the snow far Koh Sametbehind them can work on their tans on this tiny island in Thailand. While the main beach is lined with bars and restaurants, Candlelight Beach in the south of the island offers a romantic retreat complete with luxurious cabins close to the sea. Spend the day snorkeling in the crystal clear waters that lap the white sandy beach and enjoy a relaxing massage before watching the sunset while sipping a cool cocktail or two and enjoying a romantic meal just for two.

Koh Bong
While Cambodia is famous for its ancient temples and jungles, most tourists tend to overlook to picturesque island of Koh Bong. That makes this a great place to really get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and enjoy plenty of pampering while staying at one of the island’s world class resorts.

Snorkeling the Sea in the Maldives


The title really says it all. We see these long stretches of beautiful beaches and clear blue water when we think of the Maldives. But what’s under all that blue water? It’s a whole other world down below, but maybe you’re not ready to go diving. Snorkeling is the best middle ground, so grab your mask and see what’s below!

Where you should snorkel:

While in the Maldives, and most other areas in the world, look out for those reefs! Those are the spots that are usually teeming with wildlife, not snorkelingto mention, the spectacularly colored coral helps makes those underwater views that much more breathtaking. The reefs provide slopes, caves, and terraces and all of those provide more opportunities for exotic marine life. The coral can change and so can the animals in these different areas.

Top places to snorkel:

Many of the islands can be snorkeled as easily as it’s to get in the water. Just hop in, put your face down and enjoy the show. If this is not possible where you re staying, there will be a boat tour to take you to some of the best snorkeling islands and reefs the Maldives has to offer. When staying at the One & Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives, they will take into consideration your needs and help find the perfect underwater tour for you.

What can I see?

Plenty! An exotic array of marine life is just beneath your feet. There are around 70 different species of coral and over 700 species of fish and other water critters. Dogtooth Tuna, Trevally’s, Jacks, Tuna, Sweetlips, Mating octopus, Wahoo, and Butterfly fish are just  few of the fish you can see. Be sure to keep your eyes open for octopus, rays, eels, turtles, sharks, and of course an array of coral and anemones.

Should I snorkel?

Of course you should! It’s an exhilarating experience without all the equipment and diving courses. It’s a great middle ground for transitioning if you wish to dive as well. So grab your snorkel and mask, and have no worries. On the islands, and at most resorts, you will find qualified instructors to make sure you are prepared for your snorkel trip, and they will have equipment for you to rent. If you go on a tour out in the open water there will likely be someone watching over all snorkelers. If you are afraid because you can’t swim, just throw a life-jacket on and hop on in the water with no fear.

Night Snorkeling:

For an even greater understanding and experience on what goes on under the sea, why not check it out at night when a hoard of new and exotic animals come out to play. Whales and manta rays float past you in efforts to get a few moments of shut eye. Narrow reef flats that have many channels that go to the outer reefs are often the best spots for getting your head underwater.

Some of the unmissable rides at Orlando’s Walt Disney World


One of the holiday destination trips that I will never forget was a trip I had to Orlando’s Disney World this past season. In essence, I would motivate anyone to Jump on the internet and start looking for Disney Tickets.
It is important to note that Orlando’s Walt Disney World is ranked as the world’s largest vacation center. As a result of this, it is not surprising that it is the most visited park. On my trip to the resort, I realized several unmissable rides that make me want to go there again. The fact that the resort has various different parks that suit people from all age groups gives me the satisfaction and motivation to visit the place again with my family. Although at the beginning my trip difficult to enjoy, some of the rides ensured that I had a wonderful experience not to forget about. Immediately I arrived at the resort, I realized that it has several theme parks, on-site resorts, water parks, video game, mini-golf courses among many luxurious sites. The theme park that fascinated me most was the Magic Kingdom theme park. In essence, this park covers approximately 107 acres of land and has some of the most amazing rides. Here are just a few of my Favorites.

 Pirates of the Caribbean

Being the adventurer that I am, and having been referred to many times by my friends as the female version of Indiana Jones. I am always up for an adventure. And also in my choice of movies, I am always looking to travel in my mind weather it be to far off lands, different centuries, or even a different galaxy, If I can not take my body , I sure as heck relish any opportunity to take my mind.  And the pirates of the Caribbean is among my favorite films, and the ride was just a little bit of a chance to go outside of my head and experience it, even though it was just for a bit,, and just a ride..

 Space Mountain

And here is your chance to check out the Galaxy. I remember this ride as one of my fists from childhood, and it is still quite awesome today, although I do believe when I was a bit younger, I enjoyed it more. nonetheless it is still one of my favorites and a must see for all.

Haunted Mansion

Now this one is also really cool and also a favorite from childhood. Jump on the “Doom Buggy” for an eventful ride of the supernatural, they say there is close to 1,000 ghosts in this place.. Although I was not counting,, but it was as always quite a joy, another one of my reasons for enjoying this ride, is that I love architecture. And I must admit that this ride through this fabulous 18th century estate, had me captivated by the marvelous architecture just as much as the ghosts.

 English: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic ...Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Here is another Indiana Jones type ride. At least that is how I think of it. Set up as a scene from the old west. it is a shaky ride, on a runaway rail-cart.

 it’s a small world

This is an all time favorite, and being that I love travel it really touches my heart. Every time I go I think to myself ” It probably wont be as nice now that I am older.” yet every time I get out of this ride, I walk back to the line for one more go, and the whole time humming that catchy tune. ….” it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all,, it’s a small… small… World..This is definitely ,one of the best rides. and not to be missed by any, regardless of age group.

The IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth firewo...Fireworks Display

Don’t forget to stick around and top off your night with the fireworks display, it never gets boring and is always packed with people and happiness.

Also you can’t miss the famous Cinderella Castle which has attained an iconic status. Evidence has it that the Castle is the world’s most photographed building. Besides the Magic Kingdom, I also visited the Epcot, the Animal Kingdom and the Hollywood Studios. I also took my time to tour the water parks. The beaches in the water parks thrilled me the most. Blizzard Beach, for instance caught my attention the most. The slides of this park were more thrilling when compared to the Typhoon Lagoon, which is a setting of a beach that is as a result of a fictional typhoon. The last place I visited was the Downtown Disney Area. This is an outdoor complex for entertainment that is very famous. The area is mostly known for its nightlife, shopping and dining facilities. This area also has major establishments such as the Disney Quest Indoor Interactive Theme. Other notable facilities under the Downtown Disney Area include the Cuban Cafe of Bongo, Planet Hollywood, Pleasure Island, Wolfgang Puck among many more others. The existence of several facilities to visit in the area made my trip unforgettable. After spending three days in the Disney World, it was time to travel back home. However, the sweet moments I had will always stay in my memory. The simple life that exists at the place makes it the best place for one to visit. I will always recommend my friends to visit the place during their free time. It was truly a great place to Thrill-me.







Five of the top attractions to visit in Florida


The first time you really get an idea of how large America is as a continent is when you cross the Atlantic Ocean. As a European national your basic idea of a nation state might be something like the UK or Germany or Netherlands. This is not the case with the USA, the closest comparison with Europe (in terms of size) is the European Union. As far as comparisons go that is the furthest that you can get, when you fly in from Europe you realize that the states and Europe might be industrialized nations but the difference between this two sub continents is as stark as day and night.

The article is not a geo political piece but one that chronicles yours truly travel chronicles, the writers pen zooms into the state of Florida and specifically five of the top attractions that you should consider visiting when you land in the USA.

Walt Disney World

This is the largest Disney resort in the USA. It has four theme parks, two golf courses and a myriad resorts. Any one putting up in any of these resorts has their bags carted away from the Orlando International Airport for absolutely free. There is a raft of activities that you could engage in at Disney World. Theme lunches with famous Disney Characters or a round of gold for the adults. Get your Florida attraction tickets to Disney World today;

Universal Orlando

American movies are loved the world over and if you want to see where all the magic takes place come and visit the Universal Orlando studios. These studios are functional and are the locations for the shooting of several runway successful shows and movies. If you like cinematic art this is definitely the place for you;

Sea World Orlando

Kalina at SeaWorld Orlando in 2002You have not been to Florida if you do not check out SeaWorld Orlando. The Americans are known to put up impressive shows and Sea World does not disappoint in this respect. At sea world you enter into another world quiet literally- the marine world. Come and swim with the dolphins and observe turtles, sea lions and sharks in their natural environment and get a new view on matters marine life;

National Naval Aviation Museum

If you are a history buff then America is a nation that teems with a rich history. One place that you can capture a sense of this rich history is the National Naval Aviation Museum. Here you will find in excess of 100 different plane models that have done service for the US Air force. The beauty of this place is that entrance is absolutely free and it is one of the best ways to burn away two or three hours of your time.

St. Andrews State Park

America is known for grand displays and when you step in this park the enormity of that statement actually hits you. The park sits on some 1,200 acres of space and on the lagoon park offers an abundance of shells and fresh clear water. The only payment made here is the entrance fee.

The five attractions listed above are in reality the brightest spots of all Florida attractions. If you ever step on the East Coast of the US ensure that your tour this places after getting your Florida attraction tickets.

Don’t forget travel insurance on your next trip


Surely, life does begin at 50 as I found out a few weeks ago as I embarked on my lovely holiday vacation. By now, all my kids are all grown, have their jobs and businesses and are married with Kids except the youngest one but he is a tough one. Works as an architect and believes he owns the world.

After years of saving the best for my family it was time to take the strong old bones for a vacation for the good work done over the years. With no one expecting financial support from me it was time to fly out of London and see the world first hand.

Cows of the Maasai, Masai Mara in Kenya. Scar ...    After careful planning it was time to see London from the skies. How I had waited for that day. Bringing up kids has made me be always on the lookout and almost always expecting the worst and I have adapted that in everything I indulge in and now I have the last laugh.

I embarked on a three week vacation where I had the pleasure of visiting the great East Africa. I was surprised on landing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Kenya’s and East Africa’s busiest airport. The Kenyan people are quite friendly and lively. I was received and taken to my hotel by staff that made me feel at home away from home as though we had known each other for a long time. I found out later that this is the attitude of the African country’s people.

I got an opportunity to sleep in some shelters that were amazingly made deep into the African jungle. I particularly fell in love with the Maasai Mara in Kenya. You sleep deep into the wild but the tents made to look so amazing with five star hospitality. The thing I loved most though was waking up with the little monkeys in the room. The lodges are made with large windows that you can choose to leave open if you want to invite the wild into your tent. The staffs are good enough to tell you about that though so there are no rude surprises in the morning.

I later crossed to Tanzania which also has part of the Mara. I found the Maasai people in the two countries, with Kenya to the north of Tanzania, rather different despite the fact that they both wrap the same kind of clothing and done beautiful beaded ornaments. They are a lovely community and one of the many ethnic groups in the region with Kenya alone having 43 of them.

Dressed up Maasai warriors   They entertain tourists with their beautiful traditional dances that mostly include jumping and chanting that we all found Interesting. The Maasai live alongside the wild animals and graze their cattle in the wild. We were informed that the Maasai warriors called Morans do the grazing and the wild animals know not to attack animals escorted by the warriors wrapped in red.

It was towards the end of my vacation and on my trip back however that I encountered some issues. Being a parent had taught me to leave nothing to chance and so I had taken time to check out over 50s holidays travel insurance. I guess my body is no longer what it used to be but I am grateful I had the cover. The few weeks brought me down with flu and I did not enjoy the last few days as I would have liked. I believe this contributed to my luck of concentration and loss to my luggage. The insurance however came in handy and next time I fly to East Africa I plan to pick up where I left off. Perhaps to the next great wild beast migration.

Article sent in by Donald Young.

A Guide to travelling from Heathrow Airport


My recent experience at Heathrow Airport prior to my flight home was indelibly etched in my mind as I flash back with nostalgia. It is a moment I still look forward to with tremendous expectation in the earliest possible opportunity in my next trip to Europe. Having arrived at the airport exhausted I felt it wise to have a rest then travel the following day. So I opted to make reservation at Crowne Plaza Hotel two miles away from Heathrow Airport.

After sorting everything out at the airport, I boarded one of the BAA Hotel Hoppa Buses and within 15 minutes we had reached the hotel. I learned they have an elaborate car parking that is convenient for travelers and safe for their cars, charging a very reasonable self parking fee. The ultra-modern architecture and intricately designed exterior eludes to an ambiance and serenity of perfect tranquility. What was so nice was the very fact that it is convenient, comfortable and their very hospitable staff. As we stepped onto the hotel lobby the staff were well prepared to meet our needs. All the travel information for every client was there so I had nothing to be worried about. I thought if only I could extend my stay there a little longer – a couple of days at least.

Swimming pool.Being a fitness enthusiast, I explored the available facilities. They boast of an on-site fitness center with a variety of modern fitness facilities such as a state-of-the-art gym complete with equipment that can work out nearly every part of your body, an indoor 16-meter swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. The on-site fitness center is open to all guests free of charge. Equipment available includes a rowing machine, stationary bicycle, treadmill, and stair stepper. The heated pool is open from 5:30 am up to 11:00 pm. The pool consists of a whirlpool also operational the same time as the on-site pool, and there is always a lifeguard on duty, just in case of emergency. Their on-site spa has amazing facilities located within the Spirit Healthclub such as indoor pool, jacuzzi and steam room together with a fitness room that is fully equipped. The opening hours are the same as on-site pool except that it closes quarter of an hour before the pool does.

The notable spa services on offer include hydro therapy and sauna. They also have a wonderful onsite golf course with 9 holes, an excellent location for practicing putting or bettering your shorting game. The off-site golf course also comprises of a 9 hole course perfect for practicing putting and perfecting shorting game. Also available are: putting green, Heathpark Golf Course, driving range, and Stockley Park Golf Course situated 2 miles away along Stockley Road. Other fantastic sports include: badminton, basketball, billiards, bowling, cycling, cricket, indoor and outdoor ice skating, outdoor roller skating, outdoor tennis courts, soccer, squash and swimming. Their superb internet connection is also wonderful. They have both wired and wireless internet available in rooms, suites, business center and public areas. On top of that there is also standard wired internet services which is free for all IHG Rewards Club members.  All in all it was a nice little vacation in and of itself.

Some Of The Best Drives In The World

Pacific coast drive

I have since come to terms with the fact that sometimes, the best adventures of the world are had by taking a car and driving away into new or foreign land. The anticipation that builds up to know what lies beyond during these drives cannot be satiated by looking through some tinted tour bus. Even if we have to fly to some of these cities to access these drives, DriveNow car hire always got our backs. Here are some of the drives I would readily recommend to have the best scenic views to take a car and drive to unwind.

Pacific coast drivePacific Coast Cruise in California

The Californian pacific coast stretches to a length of 169 miles from Monterey to Morro Bay. This was voted to be among the top ten best drives in America by members of the USAA insurance. The drive along this coastal scenery serves a lot of adventure from the redwood trees, rolling hills, amazing waterfalls, lush valleys, majestic mountains and rock outcroppings. In addition to that, the sea provides a variety of wildlife types such as the whales, sea sharks, brown pelicans and other species that are nothing but breathtaking. There are also many activities to pull over and indulge in during the long drive.

The silk road in China

It is also commonly known as the national highway 315 and it stretches over 1,700 miles. Despite the long distances, the road is totally worth the trouble. The road is hustle and bustle free and provides you with national vegetation scenes and a carpet of hills. It also provides a perfect link between the west and the east. A stay in Urumqi crowns the drive on the national highway 315.

The overseas highways, Florida Keys

This highway was built in 1938 from the course of the hurricane destroyed railroad. It comprises of forty two bridges that join islands to islands. The road is majorly over the ocean and driving through it gives the breathtaking ocean view. Viewing the sunsets and the sunrises from this drive is just priceless.

Iroha-zaka in Japan

This is a winding road that connects the central Nikko to the Oku-Nikko. It is constructed to have 48 curves each of which stands an ancient alphabet by the Japanese. The alphabet that starts in the order of I-ro-ha explains where the road gets its name the iroha-zaka. The road is a dual carriage, one climbing up and the other down. The ancient Japanese alphabet had 48 letters hence the 48 corners in the road.

The col de Turini in France

In the southern parts of France at 1 mile above sea level on the Alps lays the Col de Turini pass. Yearly, the Monte Carlo rally in the world rally championship takes 20 miles of this road combined with hairpins so that the cars can go to speeds of up to 110mph. The scenery is worth driving through again and again.

English: View of the approach road to the top ...

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates

Stretching to 7.3 miles with a total of 60 turns towards the mountain top of 1,219 in height. Driving through this roads ends at the top of the mountain which displays the desert view beneath so beautifully. Driving through the desert has never been more adventurous.

All in all, for the best getaway and unwinding, one that will never escape your mind for the rest of your life, I dare you to take a drive through any of these roads. I promise you will keep coming for more.

Buying an investment property in India

Buying a house in India

India     I recently went to India on vacation and fell so much in love with it that I absolutely had to move there and buy a house. I don’t live there year round but investment properties give you the great option of being able to rent your house out for income when you are out of the country and not using it. This has provided me with a great opportunity to make a little extra money on the side all the while having the option of living in India if I choose to.

I love being able to walk the streets and sample all the local food that India has to offer and the people couldn’t be nicer. Buying this investment house in India really has been a dream come true and has allowed me so much more freedom, economically, than I’ve ever had before. Rent your house in OLX is relatively easy when I’m not using it and the extra money that I receive more than covers the bills that the house creates.

If I’m being honest then I’d have to admit that I was pretty nervous when I first bought the house. Buying a property in a foreign country is always a stressful situation, especially when you aren’t planning on living there full time, but I love India so much that I couldn’t keep myself from taking the plunge and jumping in with both feet.

I know that I’m not the only one who loves India and all that it has to offer. From the great vegetarian foods to some of the most famous sights in the world, India has it all to offer to expats who decide to relocate there. There is a strong expat community that is supportive of one another and really helps make the transition to Indian life not only comfortable and manageable but enjoyable as well.

If I could go back and do it all over again I would. Except this time I wouldn’t have put it off so long and would have bought the investment property so much sooner. There is such a high demand to live in India nowadays that making your money back on an investment property is almost a no brainer. It’s easy to do and fun as well. There’s nothing quite like being able to go on vacation in my favorite spot in the world and then having the peace of mind to know that my property is working for me when I go back home.

Picturesque Skiing in the French Alps


tignesThere is really nothing like skiing in the French Alps. As one of the most picturesque destinations in the world for ski enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, it’s no surprise you can find some of the best ski resorts in the world here. Catering to skiers of all economic backgrounds and experience levels, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re into skiing or snowboarding, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at some of these resorts. Choose your destination for some of the best skiing in the French Alps.


Whenever I go to the French Alps, I love going to Tignes. With over 320km of trails on the mountains, there seems to be no end to the runs you can make. On top of it, the resort boasts one of the highest altitudes, so the view is unparalleled. Keep in mind, some of the trails you’re going to have access to are in the neighboring Val d’Isere. You’re sure not to be disappointed here, because the elevation all but guarantees perfect ski conditions. If you’re a fan of deep powder, this is the choice I would recommend. After a day on the trails, kick back and relax as the mountains form the perfect backdrop for the village.


Courchevel sunriseThis is one of the resorts that have been known in recent history as a great place to spot celebs. While it’s true that you can celebs from time to time, I have, don’t let this be a deterrent. The slopes range in skill level to make it perfect fun for the whole family. The gorgeous views and immaculate snow conditions make it easy to spot why the rich and wealthy are willing to rub shoulders with the rest of us. If you’re looking for a great start to your day, I would recommend going to the Saulire. You will end up at the highest point so you can take your time skiing in the French Alps down a sunny run on your way to Meribel.

Paradiski Area

la-plagneThis includes La Plagne and Les Arcs. I have watched as the popularity of this location has steadily increased in recent history. If you prefer a little more packed powder conditions, you might want to stick to La Plagnes. I prefer the powder, so I tend to spend more time in Les Arc off the beaten path to get as deep as possible in some powder. Remember that if you experience a white out, you might want to head over to Paisey where the trees will give you more of a sense of where you’re going. If you can afford it, hiring a guide for Champagny is a great choice. Regardless, you’re going to have fun here.

As you start enjoying more skiing in the French Alps, you’ll make your own discoveries. Talk to the locals to find out what their favorite places to ski are. Remember you will get a slightly different answer from everyone, especially if you talk to a skier and a boarder at the same time. No matter what, be prepared for some beautiful vistas as the backdrop for your skiing. Hey if you would like to plan ahead for the upcoming season, Be sure to check both large holiday companies such as Thomson or specialist Alps ski agents such as Alpine Ski. I find the offers seem to change depending on the time of season, so it pays to plan ahead.

Guide To The Most Scenic Village in Belgium

Crupet Castle

Crupet Village in Belgium is recognized amongst picturesque villages in Europe alongside Pitigliano in Italy and Hallstatt in Austria. Probably, each country in the Old World might boast of several alike places, remote from urban buzz yet lovely and attractive. In addition, Belgian community of Crupet evolved the same way as many other settlements and towns in this country – around medieval fort and, thereby, increasing the population upon following centuries. Reasonably, this community might be added to the list if top of the beaten path villages, created by travel portal

Crupet Landmarks

Crupet CastleCrupet Castle is indeed the major travel attraction in the neighborhood. Its completion dates back to the 13th century, when its high tower had overlooked the land. Its design truly reflects all architectural features,peculiar to the Middle Ages times. Specifically, the castle is surrounded by a wide moat, (commonplace defensive measure) and the U-shaped farming household. In 1900 the image of the castle also acquired numerous grottoes, built at the order of local abbot Gerard. They were devoted to Saint Anthony of Padua, one of the famous members of Franciscan Order.


Generally, these grottoes display four scenes from life of the Saint in sculptures. They show Saint Anthony with a miraculous mule, Saint Anthony resisting Devil’s temptations, Saint Anthony’s preaching to the fish and Saint Anthony expiating on deathbed. The legend of each scene is frequently told by local guides, who also feature on the grandest and most impressive statue in the grottoes – 700 kg sculpture of the Devil. By the way, grottoes are decorated with 22 statues in total.


The other fascinating landmark of Crupet is a Devil of Crupetlocal church. It is interesting to know that originally it had been performed in Romanesque style, particularly, in 11-12th centuries, and later its design was totally altered. Consequently, in 15-16th centuries the villagers faced a great Gothic-styled temple.

Getting to Crupet

It is very difficult to get to Crupet by public means of transport. The very reason is that the nearest station, Assesse, is 5 km away and, furthermore, serves to several other villages in the neighborhood. However, travelers eagerly use car rent services in the closest cities and get to Crupet by E411 highway (Brussels – Luxembourg), with Assesse and Crupet on the route. As an example, Crupet is in 25 minutes ride from Namur and in 30 minutes from Dinant.

Where To Stay in Crupet

When speaking about accommodation in Crupet, 4 starLe Moulin Des Ramiers Hotel is the first thing that strikes tourists’ minds. In very deed, it has the finest rooms and discount offers in the area. Besides, the hotel itself might be recognized as a great sightseeing spot, as it is placed in 18th century windmill, oddly equipped with all contemporary advancements – Wi-Fi connection, barbeque spots, modernly-shaped porches, etc. Le Moulin Des Ramiers Hotel is a nice option for both family vacation and customers travelling on their own.